I'm all holiday partied out


Its been almost nonstop. We are currently in the middle of 5 consecutive days with a holiday party. And those have all been after Christmas. I feel like we've done nothing but eat for the two weeks we've been home. When we first got here, everyone greeted us by saying, "Wow. It looks like you guys lost weight." We don't seem to get that response anymore. I think we've quickly put it all back on. The few party-less days that we've had have been filled with restaurants, pizza, good home cooked meals and never-ending Christmas cookies.

Here are a few more pictures. I stole all these from Krystal, so you may have seen them before.

The boys with Grandpa

opening gifts from Uncle Bryan and Aunt Robin

Bear with his mommy and his favorite auntBear with his daddy and his favorite uncle
Bear with his mommy and daddy at his birthday party