the space between saturday and sunday

We're in the middle of a very busy weekend. Last night, we went to a graduation dinner for the seniors. It was pretty much Prom with Parents. It was fun. This is what we looked like. Matt let me borrow a suit jacket because I left all mine at home. As you can see, Matt is a bit bigger than me.

I said "all mine" like I have more than one (which I've had since I was 17).

We're also busy with a lot of schoolwork to do. I have to grade projects and write four different trimester tests. We're also doing Thanksgiving meals with all the classes on Wednesday, so we need to do a bunch of stuff to prepare for that. I took a break from the work this morning to go play tennis with Matt. We also did this:

Katrina and Lynnea brought out this Shrek toy. They said he was a bad toy because he burped and said gross things. So, we shot him . . . a lot. But as hard as we tried, we couldn't wipe that smug smile from his face.

I'm also playing music at church this weekend, which eats up a lot of precious hours.

I took the eighth graders out to play football for the last half hour of class on Friday. We had a field goal competition. Since they're all soccer players, I had a suspition that they would be pretty good. A "field goal" meant kicking the ball over the soccer goal. For the first try, we lined up about twenty yards away. I held the ball right on the ground - no block or tee. The first kid up hit the school with his kick. We had to back up. A few of them kicked 30-35 yard field goals with ease. I'm going to bring them back with me next year to kick for EC.