Oh Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown . . . What's it like in God's home town? Do the angels make Lucy keep the football down?

Is Peppermint Patty a boy or a girl? Or is the mystery surrounding his/her identity part of the Peanuts legacy that I never caught onto until tonight? Robin showed parts of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving to her class today, and it wasb also on TV tonight. He sounded like a dude, but she seemed to be pretty in love with Charlie.

Speaking of field goals bouncing off the cross bar . . .

There have been some pretty exciting football games in my classes lately. Yesterday, the tenth graders played. The game went back and forth and was tied at 14 near the end. Team A scored to take a 20-14 lead but missed the extra point (kick over the soccer goal). Team B had one more chance. They scored quickly. All they needed to do was make the extra point and they would win. The kick looked good at first but then . . . boink . . . it hit the crossbar and came back. Final score: 20-20.

I had a bit more time to play with the 8th graders this morning. Team A was leading 28-26, and they had the ball. They scored and decided to go for 2. I didn't have time to explain to them how foolish that was. Thanks to an untimely but not unintentional bad pass by the all-time QB (me), the conversion attempt failed. Team B drove down the field, scored and converted their 2 point try to end the game at a 34-34 tie.

The 7th grade game also went back and forth for a while. Team A led 28-21 late. Team B scored but missed the PAT and lost a heartbreaker: 28-27. The MVP was a girl who is about 4'6" and about 56 pounds. She had a long catch and run and kicked a crucial extra point.

All in all, they were probably my favorite classes of the year, and I honestly think that playing in game situations helped them understand the game better.

. . . and is every cartoon a full color affair, since everyday is just like Sunday there?