I knew I brought that for a reason

My green hooded sweatshirt.

It was a cool fall day when we left Ohio last year, so I had it on. It was also easier to wear it than pack it. I've only worn it twice since then. The first time was when we went to a retreat up in the mountains, and it got really cold (probably about 50) at night. The second time was tonight.

Why tonight?

I also took a hot shower and drank some hot chocolate, which I stirred with a fork (I had already used it to fish out the tiny marshmallows from the mix, and I didn't want to waste dishes). Of course after all that, I got pretty hot. Now I'm sitting here in . . . my pijamas.

Also, if you want to feel quite a sensation, try this: Put a Halls cough drop in your mouth for about 10 minutes and then drink really cold iced tea. Whoa!

*I didn't wear the hooded sweatshirt in the shower.