Its Friday again already. hm . . .

We don't have many Fridays left in our school year. It doesn't seem like the year is coming to an end. One of the main reasons is the weather. Usually back in Ohio when you get to the end of the year, the weather starts to get all springy and nobody wants to be in class. Here, the weather isn't changing much, so it feels like we have a long time left. Don't get me wrong . . . nobody wants to be in class here either, but at least we don't have to battle the changing seasons.

Since I'm thinking about it now, let me update y'all on our plans for the coming months. I know we've shared them with some people, but others may be worrying their little heads because they don't know exactly what Bryan and Robin will be doing in December and January.

We finish our classes at the end of November. We will spend the first two weeks of December doing teacher activities: finalizing grades, cleaning, meeting . . . etc. On December 15th we will hop on an airplane and head to Ohio (note: we will be leaving the most beautiful time of the year here to spend time in the ice/snow/rain/grayness of Ohio.) From the 15th to January 6th, we will be visiting friends and family all over Ohio and Pennsylvania. On January 6th, we will hop back on a plane and head for Chicago. The school here is involved in an exchange program with Wheaton Academy there. 11 of our students are going to be spending 3 weeks living with host families, studying, sightseeing and being amazed by the names on the streets and the numbers on the houses. Robin and I will meet them at the airport on the 6th and be leaders for the group. We will return to Costa Rica with them on January 26th - just in time to begin the 2008 school year.

We'd love to see as many friends and family members as we can while we're home, but our days are already being filled. So, if you would like to see us or make plans to do something, let us know.