Football 101: Days 2, 3 and 4

When you catch a pass, you can't turn around and throw another forward pass.

Is that such a hard concept? Apparently it is for soccer-minded folk. On Tuesday, I took a few classes out to play football. It was fun but a bit chaotic in some of the bigger classes. 12 on 12 games with everybody wearing the same blue shirt was an adventure. Along with the not throwing of multiple forward passes, they were also confused and annoyed by the fact that they had to come back and start over after every play. The rules and general order of the game clash pretty hard with this culture.

I learned a few things this week:

1. Last year's Boise St. and Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl game will never stop being exciting. I downloaded the game from itunes and showed parts of it to the classes. I've probably watched the last two minutes of regulation and overtime about 10 times over the last week, and I still am amazed by it.

2. Remember the Titans will not stop being a good movie. I've been showing it in class as part of our football learnin'. I've seen the same parts plenty of times during the last two days, but I haven't yet been sick of it.

I also experienced my first ever English (or Spanish) class injury. One of the girls was running a pass route, and she twisted her ankle. She is still limping. Oops! I wonder how she explained that to her parents.

Speaking of running pass routes . . . I was teaching the 8th grade kids to run a few different routes (stop, slant, fade . . etc.). There were a few students throwing the passes, but I jumped in and threw a few. When they were running fades, I instinctively kept throwing them high and to the outside shoulder, so the receiver could adjust and catch it. Of course, they didn't know they had to adjust. They kept right on running while ball after ball landed beside them. I guess old habits die hard.