Football 101: Day 1

My first day of opening the minds of the ignorant to the wonderful world of football was met with about as much enthusiasm as I expected. It was also met with as much confusion as I expected. Overall, I think they're starting to get it, but we'll see.

At the beginning of one class, one of the students said, "I watched an american football game once, and it was so boring. They just slowly moved the ball." I had to restrain myself from making a sarcastic soccer comment . . . so let me get one out now:

Oh yeah, it could never match the excitement of watching guys kick the ball around for two hours and not score!

In another class, we were talking about the positions on defense. We talked about the defensive linemen and the linebackers, and then we got to the defensive backs:

Me: What do you think the defensive backs do?
Student: They stay back and help the goalie.