The last couple of days have been pretty cold. It has really felt like fall. Robin wore a long sleeve shirt AND a sweater to church today. Last night, she even wore a coat. So, how cold is it? Yesterday, we were at Matt and Lisa's and we were talking about the cold, so Lisa checked the thermometer outside their house. It said . . . 69. Of course, with the wind chill it must have been like 60.

Yesterday was a fun-filled day. In the morning, we helped out with some placement testing for next year's new students. Then I played tennis with Matt. Then Matt and I took turns shooting light bulbs with the new pellet gun he bought. In the evening, Robin and I went out for dinner. Today, we had church and then a music ministry lunch/meeting.

What's wrong with college football?

I'll tell you what's wrong.

-LSU is now #1. They've lost one game - to Kentucky (unranked)
-Oregan is #2. They've lost one game - to California (unranked)
-Oklahoma is #3. They've lost one game - to Colorado (unranked)
- West Virginia is #5. They've lost one game - to South Florida (unranked)
-Ohio State is #7. They've lost one game - to Illinois (#20)

What's the difference between Ohio State and those 4 teams which are ranked higher?

In good company:

Peyton Manning (a pretty decent quarterback) threw six interceptions tonight. I once threw six interceptions in a game. I don't feel so bad anymore.

Speaking of football, I have to go finish my lesson plans for this week. Our last unit of the year is about how to play football. I'm excited, but I fear that the students may not share my enthusiasm for a sport that is not soccer.