If you had to sum up the last three days in 5 words, what would you say?

turrrkey . . . football . . . carbuerator . . . guitar . . . basketball

We helped prepare 5 different Thanksgiving meals on Wednesday and Thursday. I'm using the term "we" pretty loosely.

Of course I've watched some, but I'm also getting dangerously close to addicted to this site. (If it doesn't load the first time you click on the link, try it again.)

Our car is currently with a mechanic (who can count to a million in Bulgarian) who is doing a thourough cleaning of our carbuerator. Hopefully the cleaning is enough, and we won't need a new one.

We were last minutely left in charge of leading music for two things on Wednesday, a day in which we had little time to think as it was. We also sang some Christmas songs in class, and we led music for teacher devotional yesterday morning. Fortunately, our scheduled church music practice for yesterday got cancelled, or I would have been all guitared out (not really posible).

I played last night . . . a lot. I'm pretty sore today.