the battle continues

Despite the use of several weapons: advil, daytime cold medicine, night time cold medicine, halls, vapor rubb-ish stuff, hot tea, chicken soup, orange juice, ice cream, bananas (which are surprisingly soothing), mouthwash and a restful Sunday, I still have a pretty bad cough and sore throat. Fortunately the headache and body aches seem to be better.

Yesterday didn't help much. We had an LAM recognition picnic. Robin and I led some music. I was hoping my sickness would give me a cool, raspy Bob Dylan voice. But instead it pretty much just took away my ability to inhale much air or sing on key. On a few occasions I had to led Robin handle the singing while I strummed and coughed.

Speaking of night time cold medicine . . . there's a pesky, life-sized, talking bottle of ketchup in here who is challenging me to an arm wrestling rematch (he swears the first one was a fluke). Plus, I think our ornery friend, Mr. Purple Unicorn, is stuck in the dryer, and the baby sasquatch has hidden my car keys again. As soon as the room stops spinning, I'm going to attend to those matters and then get to bed. Goodnight. Thanks for the zucchini muffins.