a weekend of wins and losses

I don't want to dwell on last night's disappointing loss, so here are some other victories and defeats that occurred this weekend:

1. Ohio State won

2. I squeaked by in my fantasy matchup this week for my fourth consecutive win. That's right, I started out 0-3 and am now at 4-3. I'm the Colorado Rockies of fantasy football. I won this week by a little more than one point against the team who had the most points in the league. I haven't been scoring a lot of points, but the teams I've faced all seem to have off weeks against me. That's intimidation . . . baby!?

3. Matt beat me at tennis on Sunday morning (as he always does).

4. The Browns didn't lose

5. In probably the most devastating loss of the weekend, our car failed its Revision Tecnica (like an e-check). It failed because it emits high levels of gases. I have to fix it (any ideas are welcomed) and take it back in again.

6. Watching the Steelers lose helped ease some of last night's pain.

This has nothing to do with wins and losses, but its pretty cool. This is the last zip line of the canopy tour that we took on Friday. Matt used his digital camera to take the video. He had to hold on with both hands, so I think the camera is just hanging from his neck, but you still get a pretty good idea of the trip.