goodbye september

It's been a nice weekend, much calmer than the last one. The main highlights were going to watch a movie on Friday night and playing tennis on Saturday morning.

Depressing fantasy footbal stat of the week: Each week, you get to choose ten players for your roster. Of the ten that I put on the "field" this week, nine of them played for a team that lost. That's never a good sign. I am currently 0-3 and in dead last place in the league. I've been trying to make some changes. If nothing else, I'm hoping some fresh faces will motivate some of my veteran players who think their jobs are secure. After last week, I realized that I had to decrease my dependency on the St. Louis Rams. I am also now realizing that, although he is old, trading Brett Farve for an injured running back wasn't real smart. This week, I am actually playing against Robin. The scores for each player haven't been posted yet, so we don't know who won. I think its going to be close. I'm just looking forward to it being over, so she'll talk to me again. She's a pretty fierce competitor.

Annoying song lyrics of the week: Does it bother anyone else when songs have a line about "how far the east is from the west"? (like the current song on Robin's myspace page) Isn't the east right beside the west? I know what you're going to say . . . yes, I do realize that the Bible uses that phrase . . . and no, I don't think its annoying when God says it.

Hey Bryan . . . Don't forget to pay the rent today.