dream sausage and other random thoughts on a Sunday afternoon

-Were going to the evening service tonight because I played tennis this morning. But before we go . . .

-Today is the day of the big vote. I don't have time to explain much about it now. Maybe I will later (or maybe not). It will be strange when its over because the debate has been a part of life since we got here.

- This afternoon, I fell asleep on the couch while I was watching some super exciting football (I couldn't even say who was playing). I dreamed that I was going to a meeting with some of the music leaders from church. I got there, and we were waiting outside of some random house. There was a little stand nearby where a guy was selling food. He was cooking hot dogs and sausages in a glass box. One of the guys I was with ordered a sausage. I remember him saying, "Make sure its a sausage and not a hot dog!" He was not very friendly about it. Another guy got a Mexican pizza. I have no idea where it came from. He gave me a bite. (JFTR - In real life, I would never take a bite off of someone else's Mexican pizza. But in dream life, I'm a totally different guy.) Anyway, I decided I wanted a sausage, so I ordered one. Apparently the guy had sold all of the ones he had and was starting to pack up. But he put another one in for me. Before it was ready, I woke up. I was so disappointed. I actually tried to fall back asleep, so I could eat my dream sausage.

-The other day in my 7th grade class, we came across the word "sneak" and this conversation occurred:

Me: to sneak is to do something quietly so nobody sees or hears you . . . like when you sneak into your brother's room to steal his gummy bears.

student: like sneakers?

Me:(excited that he has made the connection) yeah (pointing to my shoes) like sneakers. Do you know why we call them sneakers? Because they don't make much noise, so you can sneak up on people.

student: (laughing) No Mr. Kandel, sneakers is a chocolate bar!

I wasted the next few minutes of class time trying to make them hear the difference between snickers and sneakers. I was not very successful. I've fought the same battle with sick/seek, pitch/peach, and beach/similar sounding bad word.