back from the beach

We are back home after a couple days at the beach. We had a nice, relaxing time celebrating our anniversary. The rain even held off for all of Saturday, which allowed us to frolick (burn) in the sun. When I get a chance, I'll try to post some of the pictures that Robin took.

And how was the trip there, Bryan? I hear it takes about 5 hours.

It took 9. First there was a detour from the main highway (I will probably use the term "highway" a few times in this post. I should note that when I say "highway", I mean two-lane road. If you live in Louisville, think of Georgetown Road.) They were probably trying to show us a way to avoid the big problems that were waiting ahead. Of course we didn't know what was to come, and we didn't know our way around. So we found our way back to the highway and got back on. About 4 hours later, we found out that a good chunk of the highway had collapsed. That, along with a bunch of various road construction sites led to many stoppages. There were probably four times where we stopped, turned the car off and sat for at least a half hour. The pouring rain made it especially fun. If I rolled the window up, it got hot and foggy. If I rolled the window down, I got very wet. I ended up pretty wet. I finally opened the window, opened an umbrella and stuck it out (pretty clever). The crazy thing was that we never got out of the car for the entire 9 hours. By the time we got through the madness, we were in a hurry to get to the hotel before it got too late.

Here are a few signs that we were in the car for a long time:

1. When we got in the car, it was about 10:45 am. When we got out, it was about 8:00 pm.

2. When we finally arrived and were checking into the hotel, they brought us out complimentary drinks. One fella brought the drinks on a tray. They were some kind of fruit mix (pretty good). He was followed by another guy with a bottle of liquor. He offerered to add it to my glass. After 9 hours in the car, I came very close to accepting.

3. By the second or third stop in the middle of the road, Robin and I got pretty loopy. We started making up knock-knock jokes. Here are the highlights:


Who's there?
Who, Who?
I didn't know you were an owl.


Who's there?
Pea catch
Pea catch, who?
Ha Ha. You said Picachu - Are you like Japanese or something?

Who's there?
Guess, Who?
I don't know. You tell me.

Who's there?
I got up.
I got up, Who?
Oh . . . Well then, I'll just . . . uh . . . come back later.

Of course, we laughed histerically after each one.