4 years - what comes to mind

Year one: Marietta, snow days, hardwood floors and big bedroom doors, swirly blue plates, East of Chicago pizza, double-headers by the river, listening to the Super Bowl on the radio, illegal Christmas tree disposal, Sunday night church, Beautiful Letdown cd, nerf basketball, Green Mile cookie making, the two-tone Honda, flooding, Elder Beerman, our snuggly soft friend, the Chinese woman worshipping the trees, the Power Team, the Yahtzee dice game, walking, A very Bob Evans Valentine's Day, salmon on the porch

Year two and three: East Canton, The Dee, painting, bikerides, Miami, planning, support raising, Nationwide, Friday Night fever, Youngstown News, red blanket, sunset dinners by the grill, mowing, New Year's eve parties, basement storm shelter, badmitten in the backyard, Sunday night youth, Breakfast Club music, Friends, ice-cold mornings, Put-in-Bay, couch construction, the tiny tercel, Lunch with Jeremiah

Year four: the treehouse, the way to ILE, classes, rice, internet cafe, rain, walking through San Jose from bus to bus,food court dates, apartment hunting, furniture hunting, rummy, Guizaros, retreats, curtains, web cams, mountain view mornings, fruit buckets, hiking in Guanacaste and Manuel Antonio, Christmas in the sun, lesson plans, doggy doggerson, Mumbles, pay phones, the library, interviews, reindeer pants

The past four years have been full of many variables and two constants- the blessings of God and the love of my awesome wife.