weekend pictures

If you noticed your internet running a little slow today, its because I just uploaded a ton of pictures and clogged up the entire world wide web. These pictures are of the activities from the weekend.

some 8th and 10th graders in traditional dress

a drama of Costa Rica's early steps towards independence

Natalia is a star
a little dude with a mustache stuck in an ox cart

we're just two trees and a reader

I am the horned bat of justice

you're right . . . I'm just a bird

dancing the night away

Robin, Kristin and I waiting for the parade to begin on Saturday

a night procession led by the band

Robin and some of her students


porristas . . . Hey girls, do you know which way is south?

getting ready to begin the march

who wants sandwiches?

seriously guys, I can't hold them much longer

marching through town

The rest are of Natalia's 1st birthday party

staying under the diving board so they don't get wet?

Katrina, Lyndsey, Lynnea and Natalia