I'm glad the weekend is over. Maybe now I can get some rest. Some of the highlights:


- school, including early Bible study

- I took Robin to the store to get some things for her girly sleepover.

- High School basketball practice: I also played some soccer afterwards

- Out to dinner with Matt: Since Robin was going to be busy all night and Lisa was going to be out for awhile, Matt and I decided to do something manly. We were going to go watch the Bourne . . . actually I'm not sure what its called. I think its Ultimatum. But we only had time for dinner at Pollos del Monte because I had to go to a . . .

- Funeral: I guess it was more of a wake. The father of one of the singers from church passed away Friday morning. Things are a bit different here. Usually no embalming is done, so the services are held very soon. They often last all night. I went with another friend from church and his family. We were there from about 9:30 to 10:30.


- I picked up Robin and brought her home.

- I played tennis with Matt and then swam a bit.

- I went to church. I had to be there three hours early because our group was playing this weekend. I should back up a second and mention that the guy whose father passed away was supposed to be our lead singer. His absence caused quite a bit of stress. I was at church from 3:00 until about 7:00, and I didn't stay for the service after playing. The music was pretty bad. It was the first time we've played with the new singers, and it was obvious. We also had some structural problems with songs.

- I worked on some schoolwork


- church . . . again: The music was much better this morning. I daresay we rocked a bit.

- schoolwork

- church . . . again: Robin came with me for the evening service, and we stayed for the sermon and everything. I was very relieved to be done with the music for this weekend. We get a month before we get to go through the whole process again.

- ate dinner, watched a little football and did more schoolwork