people, news and views: weekend edition

Its been a good weekend, but it went by very quickly. Most of the activities centered around Costa Rican independence day, which was yesterday.

Friday we had classes from 1:00 to 5:00 and then a big assembly afterwards. We sang songs and watched typical dances and historical dramas.

Saturday was the big parade in Belen. There were 11 different groups who marched (mostly schools). Our school was #10 in the procession, which meant that we arrived at about 8:30 and didn't start marching until almost 11:00. Our main responsibility as teachers was to walk behind the band members, flag holders, banner carriers and cheerleaders and carry water in case they got thirsty. Fortunately it was a cool, cloudy day, so no one got over-heated. The best part about the parade is that it siginfies the end of band practice. I think I've mentioned it before, but band practice has caused quite a bit of frustration for Robin and me. We keep asking ourselves where else in the civilized world would a marching band have practice during the school day. It was especially frustrating last week because they practiced for a couple hours every day. And they always seemed to find a way to make sure band practice occured during English class.

After the parade, we went to Natalia's first birthday party. It rained quite a bit, but we still had fun. Natalia seemed to like the ball and the clothes that we got her. She also enjoyed playing the I'm going to throw my new ball off my high chair and watch Robin go chase it game.

Church today was also festive. We sang the national anthem for the 100th time and watched some professional folklore dancers.

Have you ever drifted off during a prayer in church? You can be honest. I won't tell. Every once in a while I do. Its especially temping when someone is praying in Spanish. At one point during the service today, the pastor was praying, and my mind started to wander. It wandered for awhile. It wandered for so long that when it wandered back to the present time, I noticed that the pastor's prayer suddenly sounded less prayer-like and more sermon-like. I opened my eyes to find that he was preaching, not praying. Oops! I looked at Robin and asked her how long ago he had stopped praying. She just laughed at me. *

The rest of today was spent working on schoolwork and watching football.

I'm hoping to have some photos to share of the weekend's events.

* Note to Dad, Tim, Kurt, John T, Pastor Larry, Floyd, Chuck and any other pastors or Sunday School presidents who might be reading this: I've never drifted off during one of your prayers.