for the life of me

Maybe this has happened to you . . .

-Yesterday I was playing a little melody/progression on the guitar. It sounded kinda cool, and I started getting ideas. Then I thought, "hm . . . that sounds familiar". Then I realized I was playing this song. Did he say chia punk?

- Last night I dreamed that I was in a horror movie. There was a monster and/or bad guy outside, so I was going all over the house locking windows and doors. But deep down I knew he would find a way in. Fortunately, I woke up before I could see what happened.

- There were two big NFL moves today. 1. Charlie Frye got traded to Seattle. 2. Jerious Norwood and Vernand Morency were cut from my fantasy team.

- Speaking of my fantasy team, it needs a cool name. I am a terrible fantasy team namer. Last year it was "Bryan's Team". This year I got a little more creative with "bck15" (my email). Tim has "Bones Brigade" (tough and cool). Jen's team is the "Puntin Pokes" (cute - but not too cute to instill fear when I face her). And Robin's team is the "Aguilas", which is the spanish word for her favorite team, the Eagles. I guess I could go with "Cafes". Seriously, that's what the Spanish-speaking announcers call the Browns. But I need something better. Any ideas?