el 4 de setiembre that I will always remiembre

There hasn't been too much exciting stuff going on around here the last couple days. We're slowly settling into the third and final trimester of the year. We're also getting ready for a period of craziness, mostly due to Independence day on September 15th. Robin put new insoles in my brown dress shoes. We finally finished all the baked ziti from Sunday. The starting pitchers for today's Indian's game were Laffey and Slowey. At some points the game was hilarious. At other times, it seemed to drag on. (sorry) Fantasy football is about to start. Robin and I are in a league with Tim and Jen again this year. Last time we played, we did a live draft. This time there was an automatic draft. My team ended up less than stellar. Tim's team, on the other hand, is pretty well loaded. I think he used his html/hacker/trendy mac OS13/ipod skills to rig the system. I'm not worried. I may not have all the talented athletes who acrue great statistics, but I know my guys will work well as a team and excel at the intangibles of the game (which count for nothing in fantasy football).