Due to another "miscommunication" with the internet company and a downed server at school, I haven't been on the internet for like three days. It's been frustrating to be so disconnected from the world, but its also been kinda nice. Maybe the idea of becoming a hermit and moving to a quiet cabin in the woods isn't so crazy. I'll make sure you all get a copy of my manifesto.

What's gone on since I've been gone

Not too much really.

As of yesterday, Robin and I have been in Costa Rica for a year.

I've been busier than normal this week because I've had to help with two services at school. Matt and I are in charge of the student chapel services for the next two weeks. Since we were both given the same theme (kindness), we decided to combine forces. I recruited my 7th graders to do a drama of the story of Ruth. Part 1 went well. The kids were super nervous, but they did fine. I also had to help with yesterday afternoon's teacher devotional. The men from our Bible study led it.

Also from yesterday . . . I thought the world was coming to an end. I was walking out to the car, when this happened:

Poor little guy. It was quite an explosion, and the power was out for awhile.