crashing back down to earth

It is definately not my birthday anymore. Yesterday, the world lifted me on its shoulders and sang to me about 27 times (the lifting on shoulders is a metaphor, but the singing part is literal - I've never heard Happy Birthday so many times in one day). But today, the world looked at me and was like, "Who are you again?" The day started with Robin and I heading out to the car at 6:00 and finding a flat tire. It was the tire I had repaired recently. I guess they didn't do a very good job. We ended up taking a bus to school. Today we only had a few classes in the morning and then different fun activities. Robin and I hung out with the 7th and 11th graders at the pool. I also played some 4 on 4 tennis.

After school, I decided I would hop on a bus, zip on home, pop off the flat tire, pop on the spare and then drive to the tire-fixin' place. In my head, that plan worked smoothly. In reality, it did not. I couldn't get the stupid tire off. After they fixed it last time, they put it on at the station and tightened the lugnuts supa-tite. I fought and fought and got three of the four off, but the last one would not budge. I sprayed it with cooking spray (all I could find), pushed and pulled with all my might and banged on it a bit. It was probably 15 minutes before I finally got it off. I took it in, and they patched it up again. We'll see if it lasts.

When we got home after that, I looked at our bank account online and realized that $500 was deducted from our account that shouldn't have been. I tried to get it out from an ATM earlier this week. The machine processed for awhile and then told me it couldn't complete the transaction. Aparrently, it couldn't complete the transaction of giving me cash, but it could complete the transaction of taking the money from our account. The biggest problem is that this is the second time it has happened. Last time, I called the bank, and they reimbursed us the money. I'm wondering if they're going to believe me if I call and tell them the same thing happened again. I don't know if I would believe it if I worked at the bank. Again . . . we'll see.

Also . . .

Last night, I told myself that if I could get at least one person to stick his/her finger in his/her mouth to count his/her teeth, my post would be a success. I know that Krystal did. Who else?