the angels in heaven are dancing around to the music that I want to hear

I just got finished making two tests, and now I must head for bed. But before I do . . .

- In my picture loading haste yesterday, I forgot to mention something pretty cool. I got new basketball shoes. I know that doesn't seem all that interesting, but there's more. The best part is that I didn't have to pay ni un colon for them. Vince Vaughn Kemp gave them to me. He wouldn't say where he got them (I hope they weren't stolen). He only said that they belonged to someone else who doesn't need them anymore. They seem almost new. The shoes are size 12 (I wear 13), but I didn't complain. They're close enough. And like grandpa always said, "Never put gifts in a horse's mouth".

- We also bought a new alarm clock to replace the one that became the Ant Resort Hotel. Unfortunately, we did have to pay for that but not much.

- Did you know that 10 years ago today Rich Mullins died? Who knows how much we've been missing out on since that day. Although Rich, like Tupac, found a way to release a couple albums after his death.

If want to hear actual music from that concert, go here.