what time is it?

. . . soda cracker time, hua!!

Maybe you have "soda cracker time" at your house too. Here's how it works: When we go to the store to buy groceries, we sometimes buy soda crackers. Officially, we buy them for soup or maybe chili. But deep down we know that the chance of us eating chili here is about as good as the chance of us being told in advance that our eleventh graders are going to have to miss another class due to "marching band" practice. The crackers sit in the cupboard, unopened and patiently watch as we eat all the other food. Then, comes their time to shine. When every piece of fruit, every granola bar, every cookie, every kernal of microwave popcorn and every last piece of stale licorice are gone, we turn to the soda crackers. Robin and I each just had a yummy 6-pack. They're not even the salted kind. But, at least they were perforated.