we dropped bombs on da' moms

Mother's day in Costa Rica is next Wednesday, and its probably the third biggest holiday of the year (note: #1 and #2 are not Christmas and Easter). Tonight we had the anual Mother's Day dinner at the school. The gymnasium was packed with about 600 mothers and three dudes. I was one of the three dudes.

What were you doing at a Mother's Day dinner?

A bunch of stuff.

First, I was helping to set up a lot of equipment.

Next, I was playing music. As they do for any dinner, party, picnic, breakfast, meeting or coffee break, they asked us to lead some songs at the beginning. Playing in the gym is always an adventure because we have no monitors (Although, tonight I made myself a homemade monitor out of some computer speakers and the headphone jack of my pedal.) and the sound system loves to get all techno distorted when we have to turn the master volume above 3.

Then, I played DJ. I was in charge of the background music. Fortunately, I had the two instrumental cds that Mumbles gave me on the ipod. They were just right.

Next, I played photographer. I took a bunch of pictures of moms doing mom stuff.

Then, I danced. The main entertainment for the evening was a performance by the elementary ballet classes. One of the girls wasn't able to make it, so I filled in. I was a pretty, pretty swan.

Then, I played food eater. I ate some chicken stuffed with ham (what the heck?), some rice and some salad. I tried to casually avoid the gooey desert, but one of the servers chased me down and let me know I had "forgotten it". Oops . . . thanks so much. Speaking of food, later tonight someone came up and brought all the leftover food to the house for Matt and Lisa (they come home tomorrow). I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they see the rowboat full of rice that they have to eat.

Finally, I played stuff-putter-awayer. I don't know if I've ever sweated more at 9:30 pm while wearing dress clothes.