so close

Last night there was an American Idol type competition in Canton. But instead of just singing, it was for writing and performing a commercial song. We thought we'd go down and give it a try. When we got there, the line was pretty long, and I saw a bunch of other guitar players that I knew. At some point, Tony and Jen showed up to help us (Robin and me) out. When it was our turn, we went in and spent like an hour setting up. I was playing some funky big-neck acoustic guitar, and Tony was playing an electric guitar. The judges were really nice to us. I don't remember the actual song. But after we played, one of Jen's friends, who was somehow able to hear us from the waiting room, said that we didn't sound very good. After us, we could hear the next group playing. They were playing "Vive en mi" (a Spanish worship song). The main judge called us into his office. We were all pretty anxious to hear if we had made it to the next round. He told us that the other group had beat us by just three points. We were number 11, and only 10 groups made it. I have to be honest and say we were all a bit disappointed, but we had given it our best. And what more can you do?

On the way home, I got out of my car and ran down the street singing a Tina Turner song.