reach down your hand in your pocket; pull out some hope for me . . .

. . . it's been a long day. Its appropriate that today would be a long day. Its a Friday during football season. That used to mean getting to school at 6:00am and getting home at 11:00pm or midnight. Today wasn't that bad, but it was long enough. It started at 6:00 with men's Bible Study. The students had the day off because they finished all their exams, but teachers had to be there for a work day. It's nice to have a day off from the stress of planning and class set-up. But to be honest, I would rather be teaching than sitting in meetings all day. The day's events began at 8:00. Dona Rosario (the school director) found me at about 7:40 and asked me if I would mind leading about a half hour of music at the beginning. I didn't even have my guitar. I had to go to the elementary school to find the school's classical acoustic guitar and then see if I knew enough Spanish songs to fill that much time. It worked out. The rest of the day was filled with meetings, meals and mixers - not much to blog home about.

Actually, I guess there was one semi-interesting story. After lunch, we did a prayer/meditation activity in which we lit candles (with matches). About halfway through the activity, we were told to blow out our candles. After blowing mine out, I accidentally dropped it, and all the hot wax spilled into my hand. I wanted to let out a scream, but it would have seriously killed the tranquil mood. I held it in. The next step was for us to all close our eyes and breathe deeply. Then, the leader told us to focus on any pain in our body and let it out as we exhaled. I laughed because the only pain I could think of was the fire in the palm of my hand. I exhaled with all my might, but I couldn't make it stop hurting.

After school, Robin and Kristin wanted to go to the mall. I took them. While they were shopping, I went and got my first ever Costa Rican oil change. It was everything I hoped it would be. We then ate dinner in the food court and came home. We were home at about 7:15.

I have to go think of another 90's pop-rock song to use for my next blog title.