I just saw Barry Bonds hit his 755th homerun (not in one game: that would be a record). The funny thing is that I kinda accidentally saw it. I'm sure some people have been following along super closely, watching every at bat online or on tv, anticipating a historic moment. Not me. I just put the game on because I had flipped through the channels a few times and found nothing. I figured a baseball game would be about the best I could do for leaving something on while I headed over to this here computer. I heard the announcer say that Bonds was coming up, so I pulled myself away for a minute to watch.

Sure, 755 homeruns is pretty impressive, but I still hold the record for most JV games coached in which a second baseman threw a ball over the backstop while trying to throw a guy out at home. That record will never fall.

This weekend has been rather similar to last weekend.

I had two music practices: one with the chapel band from school and one for church this weekend (I'm playing again). Robin had a sleepover with some of the girls from the Bible study that she and Kristin lead.

Also from yesterday . . . Robin was talking about one of her students, and she said that she is usually, "on top of the ball". Mixing idioms is fun.

We went to Guisaros. After lunch, we had a pretty intense street soccer game. During street soccer games, the ball often goes in the ditch, which is rather gross. The kids all but jump in to fetch it (mostly because the first one to retrieve it from the sludge gets to pass it in). After one such incident today, one of my teammates grabbed the ball and threw a nice high pass to me. I got caught up in the passion of the game/forgot from where he had just retrieved the ball, and I gave it a nice cabezazo (hit it with my head). Ew!

Sometime, I'll have to tell you the story about the kid who reached into one of the ditches and pulled out a dead mouse.

Tonight, I played for the Saturday evening service at church, and Robin and Kristin went to the mall.

Two more church services and planning for school