Let's recap the last couple days that have pretty much slurred into one day.

Music practice: The group that I play with (and am now the leader of) has undergone some changes. We lost our singers to free agency and had to get new ones. There were some new people who wanted to become involved, so they were thrown into our group. It is our turn to play this weekend. We practiced yesterday, and it just sounded bad. Fortunately, the music ministry leader was there helping us, and he was able to make the decision that the new singers are just not quite ready yet. We're going to form a quick replacement group to cover this week and keep practicing with the new singers.

Dentist: Robin has a pretty bad cold, so she cancelled her dentist appointment.

Schoolwork: I honestly think I worked for about 6 hours yesterday.

Basketball: I probably shouldn't have gone because I had much work left to do, but I went. It was fun. There was one unfortunate yet ironic/almost humorous incident: There is one guy who plays almost every week. I call him Vince Vaughn Kemp because he looks like Vince Vaughn and always wears an old Shawn Kemp jersey. Well, to his face I call him Edwin, but to anyone else (Robin) I call him Vince Vaughn Kemp. For the last few weeks, he has been scolding/teasing me for wearing low-top tennis shoes because they are bad for my ankles. He keeps telling me that I should get high top shoes like he has. Last night, while wearing his super-awesome high tops, he hurt his ankle. It didn't seem to swell as much as mine did when I hurt it, so I think he'll survive.

School today: Fine. Nothing special. We're getting ready for exams next week.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: Never happened. Robin has been too sick and busy. Patience Bryan. Slow and steady wins the race, but the early bird gets the cookies.