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Caution: If you are not interested in football and/or Browns' football specifically, you may want to skip down to the next section of this post. But then again even if you are not a football person, this may be the most intersting part of this post. Your choice. Follow your heart.

Why Charlie Frye should be the Browns' starting quarterback

1. He deserves a real shot. Last year, he basically played with a third string offensive line, no running game and receivers whom I could outrun.

2. He's pretty good.

3. Brady Quinn needs time to learn and develop.

Why Brady Quinn should be the Browns starting quarterback

1. He looked pretty good tonight.

But Bryan, you live in Costa Rica. How do you know he looked good tonight?

Well, it just so happens that the Browns were playing the Broncos. If you remember, we get Denver TV stations. When we got home tonight, the second half was just starting. I was kinda torn about watching it. On one hand, it was probably the only chance I'll get to watch the Browns all year. On the other hand, its just pre-season. I ended up just watching the Browns on offense a few times.

Speaking of football, the High School season started last night. I can't believe the games are starting already . . . its only May, right? (Its easy to lose track of time in this land of eternal early summer.) East Canton won its first game. They beat Richmond Heights. The last time EC played Richmond Heights was in 1996. I remember it. I was a sophomore. It was my birthday. It poured for most of the game, and I scored my first ever varsity touchdown. We lost 26-6, which was one of our closer games of that forgetable season. Marietta also won last night. They beat Parkersburg South for the firs time since 2003 (a very rememberable game).

Not speaking of football . . . I played my guitar for about four hours straight at church today, and Batman Begins is a pretty good movie.