I've been waiting for this moment for awhile

Wednesday is over (at least the school day part). What a wacky Wednesday it was. How bout I do that thing where I tell you what happened at what time? Before I do, I should mention that I was up til 1:00 preparing for today. Here we go:

5:15ish: up and at 'em

6:00: finishing up some computer stuff

6:15: I walk down to the school for music set-up/quick rehearsal. You know what's funny? I was going to add "sound check" to that list, but then I remebered that we don't really sound check. I just set all the levels at 5, and we rock it from there. It doesn't really bother us because we can't hear it (no monitors).

7:00: We lead music for morning teacher devotional. I play "desde mi interior" for the 600th time in the last two months.

7:30-9:00: 8th grade class

9:00-10:00: I frantically run around getting things set up. For some reason, I thought today would be a great day to show video clips in 10th/11th grade class. I had to set up a computer, projector . . . etc.

10:00-11:30: 10th/11th grade class

11:30-12:20: chapel - The service begins with more music. After we feel that there has been sufficient rockage, it is time for today's speaker . . . me. By the time the music is finished, I have about 20 minutes to talk (and about 45 minutes worth of stuff to say). Public speaking doesn't bother me. In fact, I usually enjoy it. And I do enjoy it today, but as I have to do it all in Spanish, it's a bit more tricky. I was given the topic of "faith" and told to use Hebrews 11 (quite a long passage). I start with this video (which is in English but very understandable) and also read this story. All in all, I suppose it went fine.

12:20-12:55: lunch - supposedly - I run around putting away the technical gadgets from the first class and prepping for the next one.

12:55-2:25: 7th grade class

2:25 - 3:10: 9th grade class

3:15 - There is a math centro (workshop) for tenth graders, so I have to cancel high school basketball. I have to admit I'm not too disappointed.

We have another day off tomorrow, so I am ready for a nice relaxing day.