Today is the day we get off because of Mother's Day. It was supposed to be dedicated to resting and working on the loads of school work I have to do. But thanks to music practice this morning, a dentist appointment this afternoon and basketball tonight, I will have little time for either of those activities.

How about a funny story to cheer you up on a Monday? Before telling this story, I must state that Robin is one of the most intelligent people I know . . . and I love her, and I hope my posting of this incident does not affect her plans to make chocolate chip cookies today. Last night we got to talking about babies and specifically twins, and Robin said this:

If I had a boy and a girl that were twins, I would pierce the ears of the girl, so I could tell them apart. Sure, you can dress them up in pink and blue most of the time to tell the difference. But what about when they're naked?

I think that beats my similarly absent-minded comment from a few months ago. And I better post this to be fair. We were sitting around with a bunch of people from the school. Mark and Adrienne were there. Somehow, we got to talking about tornados and tornado sirens. Mark and Adrienne are from San Francisco, so they weren't familiar with tornado sirens. Mark asked, "What is a tornado siren like?" With all the intelligence I could muster, I replied,"I'm sure its just like the earthquake sirens you have in San Francisco". Mark was very gentle with his reply: "uh . . . Bryan . . . there is no such thing as an earthquake siren. They're kind of . . . um . . . unexpected."

Maybe you've made a similar foolish comment? Let's hear it.