V for vacation

That's right. We are beginning a much needed two-week vacation from classes. I have to admit that I feel kind of guilty for being so excited about a vacation. Does that mean that I don't have pure love for teaching or a strong enough desire to mold the minds of young people? Should I consider a different profession? Maybe I should take some time off teaching and pursue my interests in Graphic Design (obviously if you look above, you'll see that I have talent for it).

Plans for vacation:

- fix the back tire of our car which has a nail in it
- schoolwork: grading, planning . . . etc.
- blog: June was my worst month ever. I think I only posted 11 times. I have to make up for it in July.
- hanging out with mom and dad: They are coming to visit next week. We are going to the beach for a couple days.
- resting