tinkle tinkle lil' star

I still have a bunch of stuff to do tonight to get ready for a pretty crazy day tomorrow, but I wanted to take a minute to show you something. Today Robin was looking at baby clothes online (don't try to draw any inferences - she was kinda bored, and she loves to see whats new out there for the 2 dozen babies we know). Maybe this is something that won't seem strange/new/odd/just wrong/kinda funny/clever to those of you who have kids, but we were a bit amazed. She found these. They are . . . uh . . . thingies to cover a baby's . . . uh . . . his um . . . uh . . . his . . . uh . . . they're to keep you from getting peed on while you are changing his diaper. The fact that they exist is pretty funny, but even funnier are the names of the various styles.