last night

Its a beautiful saturday morning. I'm enjoying it because its pretty much the only free time I'll have this weekend. From about 2:30 today until tomorrow night, I'll be quite busy - mostly playing music at two different churches.

I'm going to tell you three stories from last night. See if you can tell which one is the dream.

1. Thanks to a giant lightning/thunder (you know its giant when they hit at the same time) strike yesterday, the power went out at school. I learned that my new classroom is extremely dark when there are no lights. But that's not really the story. I don't know if I've mentioned that Robin and I have been living in a house on the school property because Matt and Lisa are in the U.S. for about a month. We are house/school sitting. The power was still out when everyone left school yesterday. It didn't come back on until about 6:30 (it was dark by then). Before I left my classroom yesterday, I turned off my light switches and my fans. Not everyone else was so thoughtful. As soon as the power came back on, the school buildings all lit up like the 15th of September. With the help of the guard who was on duty, I had to go turn them all off. It was not an easy task because we had to turn everything off in four different buildings with many different locks. Wow, I just wrote a large paragraph about turning off lights. I never said it was an interesting story.

2. Robin and I were staying at a hotel that was beside a lake. Robin was in one of the bedrooms, and I was out in the living room. I looked outside and saw something strange swimming in the water. It stuck its head up, and I realized it was an alligator. I started searching for our camera but couldn't find it. Then he started walking toward our hotel room. I thought it would make a great picture, but I still couldn't find the stupid camera. Then the alligator walked up to our room, opened the sliding glass door with his mouth and came in. Suddenly, I wasn't so concerned about the camera. I ran out one of the other doors. I used my cell phone to call Robin and told her to stay in the bedroom.

3. I had music practice until really late. I didn't eat dinner before I left (mostly because of the light apagation party, but also because we don't have much food here). Robin and Kristen stayed here and got pizza. I came home and ate a lot.