I got to thinking . . .

. . . as I drove home from playing basketball (soaked in sweat), checking a message on my phone in which I was being invited to play music at church this weekend, which I'm probably going to have to turn down because I'm playing music at a different church this Saturday night . . . about this old post. Maybe you remember it. It was my New Years Resolution post. Since we are just past the halfway mark of the year, maybe I should see how I'm doing so far (this would be a formative and not a summative evaluation).

My 10 resolutions/goals were:

1. read more - check - Although I spent most of the year reading the same book, I have been reading. Quick note: My reading of The Lord of the Rings has again been interrupted: this time by this book.

2. blog often - eh . . . check . . ish

3. get rich - check - we rollin' in it

4. participate in athletic activity - check - Monday night basketball has been fun

5. Participate in musical activity - check/be careful what you wish for - I've had the opportunity to play in chapel at school, in classes, at Guisaros, at church, for about 13 retreats and some other random things. You think with all that playing that I would get better at playing the guitar, but I still can't nail that "H" chord without using my right hand to move the fingers on my left hand.

6. get refund from Cable Tica - check (literally) get it?

7. convince Robin to stop watchin designer/ home makeover shows - a very large and disappointing lack of a check.

8. start a basketball program at LPDV - check - My goal was only for high school, but we've been doing primary as well. Its been a bit frustrating at times, but also quite fun.

9. get new jeans - check - One day we walked into PriceSmart (of all places) and there they were on a table in the front with a beam of light shining down from heaven on them. The only 34/34 jeans in Costa Rica.

10 serve - check - We're never bored.

9 out of 10. That's roughly 90%. I could say that I've done a pretty good job of meeting my resolutions. But, its probably much better to say that prayers have been answered even if I didn't know I was praying them.