2 legit

Remember when I started a blog at and you all said I wasn't cool? Well, I think this might make you change your mind. That's right, MC Hammer has a blog on For some reason he was on some CNN show today as I was flipping through the channels. I didn't watch long enough to hear what he had to say, but I did notice that his website was listed: I couldn't help but think that Mr. Hammer should still have enough money left to have his own web site name (i.e.,, . . . etc.) but nope. He uses blogspot just like me. I spent a few minutes reading his blog but couldn't really make sense of it. Oh well, he probably doesn't really understand mine when he reads it.

also interesting . . .

. . . my dreams lately. Last night I was at the doctor, so I missed my Spanish quiz (taught by a French teacher from Marietta HS). When I got to class, she gave me the quiz. I just set it aside and didn't do it. I figured it was just a dream anyway, so I shouldn't bother. Then Robin was there, and she told me that it might not be just a dream. She had me all worried. As it turned out, I was right. It was a dream.

Two nights ago my dream was eerily similar to an episode of CSI (of which I may have watched one entire episode in my life). It was strange because I was not part of the dream. I guess I was dreaming in 3rd person. The main character was a lady detective. She killed somebody but was trying to frame someone else for the crime. She had a computer in her trunk, and she was trying to sand the edges smooth. I guess that's a good way to pin a murder on someone else.

That same night, Robin and I had to move out of our apartment and into a different unit of the building. But here's the kicker: The landlady and her boyfriend lived in one of the bedrooms of the new place. I was ok with the deal, but one of our lawyer friends told us that we should get at least $100 off the monthly rent if they were living in our place. That seems fair.