We got a new filing cabinet!!!

. . . and a few other things happened today:

- Today was the "Convivio Familiar" at school. It was basically a big ol' picnic. We got there at 8:00, moved all the sound equipment to the gym, led three songs for the opening ceremony and then hauled all the equipment back to the chapel. By 9:00, I was covered in sweat. After the opening ceremony, there were many soccer games - for teams of different ages. There were also booths selling food all day. The teachers were selling carne asada. I helped grill the meat for awhile. Standing in the heat/smoke helped me cool down a bit. Later in the afternoon, we had a basketball "game". A group of ex-students came to play against some of the guys who have been coming on Wednesdays. It was pretty ugly, but it was fun for the guys. After that, I played in a teachers vs. parents soccer game. I think the final score was like 15-14.

- After the convivio, I came home and got a quick shower before heading to church. You see, its our turn to play at church this weekend. The only problem was that we had not practiced at all. There were rumors of a practice last night, but it never materialized. We showed up at church, did some quick learning and then some fancy winging. We play again tomorrow morning and evening.

- On my way home, I stopped to get pizza for dinner. I got it from Pizza Hut in one of the malls. As I was driving in, I noticed the Cavs game on a TV in one of the restaurants that sits on the outside of the mall. After ordering the pizza, I walked out in front of the restaurant, pretended to be waiting for someone and watched the game from outside. It was the first part of the series that I've actually seen. All the games have been on TNT. Our TNT (Latin American TNT) only shows movies but no sports. Fortunately, you can listen online for free during the playoffs. Thats at least better than the Indians. I had to "watch" their exciting comeback last night online - You can't imagine how I jumped when I read the line of text that said that David Delucci had hit a game winning single.

- Matt brought us a new filing cabinet. Its actually an old one that the school doesn't neet anymore, but its new to us.

- I had to record a short audio message for Tim to play in church tomorrow. Its Youth Sunday, and they want to do an update on us. Recording a short audio message is harder than it sounds. I had to restart a bunch of times. I just couldn't get over how foolish I sounded. It also didn't help that I was listening to the Cavs game in the headphones while I was recording.

- And of course, THIS happened.