Mark and Adrian gave us a little barbeque grill. In the seven months since they left, I've tried to use it a few times but with no success. I finally got it to work last night. I had to buy new charcoal. The charcoal they left was old. The moisture in the air had made it too wet.

I attended a fashion show for the first time in my life last night. It was a fund raiser for one of the classes at school.

I've had some interesting dreams the last couple of nights. Two nights ago I was playing for the Cleveland Indians. I had to pinch hit in the eighth inning. I got up to the plate thinking that there was no chance of me making contact. Right as the first pitch was about to be thrown, Chad Mottice (who was the third base coach) yelled, "bunt!". Of course he had to yell it because I didn't know the signs. I squared to bunt, but the pitch was high, so I pulled back. Whoever was on first stole second base (Don't ask me why he was running if I was bunting). The next two pitches were also balls, making the count 3-0. Thats all I remember of the at-bat. The next thing I remember was being in the clubhouse with my Grandpa Crandall. He was an equipment manager. Then he and I were leaving and going through the airport. We got to a security checkpoint. For some reason, we both had guns. They let him pass through. I guess equipment managers can carry weapons. They stopped me and began to interrogate me about the gun. There were two police officers talking to me. For some reason, I started talking to one of them in Spanish. That made them more angry. That's all I remember.

Last night, I was back in my old classroom at East Canton, but I think I was a student and the room was much nicer. Then, Robin and I were at some super fancy wedding at a hotel where the bathrooms were for both men and women. Then I was on a giant bus traveling through the narrow mountain streets of Costa Rica . . . or maybe it was East Canton.