no choos for my feet

Robin and I have had an ongoing disagreement about the word "need" when it comes to clothing. I feel that it is rarely possible for "need" and any article of clothing to coexist in the same sentence. She, on the other hand, needs new shoes, needs another pair of jeans and needs a few more hooded sweatshirts. She often tries to convince me that I need things as well, but I insist that I don't. Who cares if 3/4 of my shirts and 2/3 of my dress shoes are still left over from high school. They served me well then, and they serve me well now. My theory has always been that the more money you waste on clothing, the less you have to spend on guitars.

Recently, Robin has been telling me that I need new tennis shoes. She was wrong . . . until last weekend. My faithful foot friends finally failed. The nail in the shoe-box sized coffin came when I sent them through the washer and the dryer. I had a feeling it might not turn out well, but I really had no other choice. Trouncing around in the mud at camp had left them pretty wet, smelly and brown. When they emerged from the dryer, the rubber at the tip had worn off, and the soles were pretty much flopping around. I wore them to play soccer last Saturday and almost stripped the soles off every time I kicked the ball/ground.

A few nights ago, Robin and I went to the mall to see if we could find me some shoes. Not even close. There are only a few size 13 shoes in this entire country, and they're ugly, uncomfortable and expensive (not a good combination). The lack of size 13 shoes did not keep the eager salesmen from trying their best. One fella had me try on a size 12. When it (surprisingly) didn't fit, he took the insole out and said, "here, try it now". I was like, "Dude, isn't that a pretty important part of the shoe that you just took out?" Despite his offer to make me a good deal on the sole-less shoes, I declined. I ended up ordering some shoes online and having them sent to Mom and Dad's house, so they can bring them down when they come in July. Until then, these will be my running/basketball/soccer/Guisaros/kickball/hiking/freeze tag/cleaning/horseback riding shoes: