much better

We finally got our internet back. As it turns out, you have to pay for it. And if you don't, they disconnect it. It was really an honest mistake. Lets see if I can explain it without going too much into detail about the semi-communism that is Costa Rican public services. When you pay for internet here, you have to actually pay two different entities. Half of the bill goes to the cable company, and the other half goes to RACSA, which is the government-run organization that controls all Costa Rican internet. We had been paying the cable bills without a problem, but we hadn't paid RACSA in quite a while. The main reason was because we didn't receive any bills from RACSA. Receiving bills is another adventure here, especially since most of the bills that come to us go through our landlord's office, and they get them to us whenever its convenient for them. Its not uncommon for us to get our electric bill a week after the payment is due or for us to receiver two water bills (both late) at the same time. I'd like to say that not getting bills is a good excuse for our not paying RACSA, but its not. We should have known better than to expect things to make it to us. Anyway, after a few pnone calls and a payment, we're up and running again.

Now its time to get caught up on posting some of the random excitement from the past few days.

Lets start with a few jokes:

1. What happens when an elephant stands on one leg?
- The duck ends up without a wife

2. What is the difference between 20 and 2?
- The 2 is honest

3. What is the only animal that rides a motorcycle after it dies?
- The chicken

4. Someone called the other day and asked, "Is Felix there?"
I replied, "No, I'm sadX"

All of these jokes, which have been told to me by various students in the last week, make little sense when they are translated to English or told in a different culture. Do you understand any of them?

Now, how about some music:

Here's a song demo that I recorded a few days ago. Its about a tornado. Its actually based on the lyricall idea that Andrew Osenga used. I didn't end up using the exact line that he did.
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And an update:

Classes have been good. There was a big Father's Day breakfast at school yesterday. I'm not a father, but I was invited. We actually led some music at the beginning. We went to Guisaros today for the first time in a few weeks.