I realize that my last photo may have been a bit disturbing to some. So, here's a gob of pictures to erase it from your mind. Although I am tempted to take a picture of my ankle today and post it. It looks a lot like it did yesterday but purple

The first three pictures are from the Father's Day breakfast last Friday. The rest are from the last retreat I went to with 7th, 8th and 9th graders.

a bunch of dads
a bunch of dads waiting in line
hmm . . . I wonder what's for breakfast? (If you don't live in CR, you probably don't get that joke, but you can laugh anyway and pretend that you do)
This is what we call unintentional symetry. This was not the entire group. There were some who missed the photo.

waiting for a big rainstorm?
Ahh!! . . . Dude, how do we get across?!?!
I don't know dude, I'm already stuck. Save yourself!!

I call this one, "Please don't fire me for throwing a student to the ground." In my defense, he started it.

Robin just called me for dinner, so these captions are about to get way less interesting.


big blue inflatable ball


high ropes