check this out . . .

The "send" and "recieve" lights on our modem are still blinking, which means we have no internet at the house. However for some reason this afternoon, I am able to "borrow" wireless internet from a neighbor (unbeknowsnt to him/her but beknowst to me). I'm going to call the cable company to see if we can get the real internet fixed because I fear this won't last long.

In the few minutes that I probably have before our neighbors realize that some of their internet power is being "borrowed", I wanted to point your attention to something pretty cool. Andrew Osenga (singer/songwriter and guitarrist for Caedmon's Call) recently wrote, recorded and released an acoustic EP. He did it all in a very short time. The cool part is that he solicited help from people who follow his blog. I was fortunate enough to help with background vocals for one song and lyrics for another. The even cooler part is that you can go HERE and download the entire six-song EP for free. Although there is a way to make a donation for the project, and I would strongly suggest that you do. When you download the songs, you will also get a PDF file that is an electronic cd insert. If you scroll through it, you will see my name among the list of those who helped out in a couple places. The real reason I am telling you is not so you will see my name and think I am cool but that you will listen to some cool music . . . and think I'm cool.