It only took about four months, but I finished reading Jayber Crow. I ordered the book around Christmas, but it didn't get to me here until the LAM crew brought it for me at the retreat. I started reading it a little bit during that retreat, which was March 4-6. I finished today (June 27th). That is, by far, the longest it has ever taken me to read a book.

Bryan, are you a slow reader? (And then, the bee-are like-duh the hoe-nee)

No, I think I read pretty well.

Oh . . . did you start reading it, get real busy and then put it away for awhile?

No, I've been reading it pretty steadily since March.

Most of the "literature" I've read in the past few years has been John Grisham books. They are full of action and plot twists and can be read in a weekend. Jayber Crow is very different. It is more of a description of life. In fact, it would be very difficult to say what happens in the book. But there are some parts where the language used to describe things is rather awesome. I liked it and would definately recommend it. But then again, I first heard about it thanks to recommendations by some really cool people, so my opinion was biased before I even bagan reading.

Now that I've finished, I can get to some of the other books I've been wanting to read. Up next, I'll try to climb out of the long, lonely hole where a few of us live who have not yet read/watched The Lord of the Rings.