mail bag answers

Its about time for me to answer the questions you sent in. I've been waiting to see if there would be more, but I've waited long enough. Only two people (Andy and Tim) sent in questions. I guess the rest of you know us pretty well or just don't care. Either way, don't expect us to answer any questions when we come back to America next year. You've had your chance!

Andy's questions:

Have you ever had a fish taco, and was it more disgusting than yogurt?

No. I think I'd rather eat fish tacos than yogurt

Also, is there anything more delicious than the nacho cheese from Taco Bell?

Dude, what part of macaroni and cheese do you think I don't like? The noodles?

Tim's questions:

Does the sun rise in the east or the west in Costa Rica?

When I'm standing at the school and facing the airport, the sun comes up on the right and sets behind me.

Does Costa Rica mean "the coast of ricky?"


How many fibers are intertwined in a shredded wheat biscuit?

Its really just one - weaved in and around itself.

What's your favorite drama movie?

Die Hard III