pray for a longer weekend

-Tomorrow is Juan Santamaria day (Or as Matt calls it "Burn the gringo day") in Costa Rica. Click here for a description of why the day is celebrated, but all you really need to know is that we don't have school. Sundays are awesome when you don't have school the next day. Our plans for tomorrow include resting, working on lesson plans and making some phone calls to the US.

-We rented a couple movies this weekend: The Illusionist and Little Miss Sunshine. Both were as good as advertised.

-I had to take the movies back last night. I got to the store and realized that I didn't have the videos with me. Thats kinda like taking your dog to the vet and forgetting the dog.

-After Los Guisaros yesterday, Keith (another missionary who works there) took a bunch of us out for pizza. Our friend Kristen said that she used to eat her cousins. At least thats how I heard it. I hadn't been paying close attention to the preceding conversation in which she and a few others were talking about eating the leftover pizza crusts of others. What she realy said was:

I used to eat my cousins'. (i.e. my cousins' pizza crust)

Never underestimate the power of the apostrophe.

- I saw a rat in a river yesterday. It was either sleeping underwater or dead.