living in the shade of an invisible volcano

They say there is a volcano there, but we're still not sure.

Arenal volcano is supposed to look like this:

For most of the time we were there, it looked more like this:

Yeah, its there . . . right there and big. You just can't see it because of the thick layer of clouds.

Nevertheless, I have some picture which I would be glad to share. Before we get to the "volcano", let me back up to the trip there and ask you this question:

Would you drive a car over this bridge?

You may answer yes because you can see a truck which has apparently just crossed it. This picture was actually taken on our way home. On our way to Arenal (the first time we approached this bridge) there were no other cars, just some locals swimming in the river, grinning suspiciously and watching us. There had been a detour in the main road which led us down into this river bed valley with this bridge. I pulled up to it nice and slow. From the back of the car, I heard Kristin nervously ask "That bridge isn't for cars is it?" Followed by, "Um . . . I think I'll get out and walk." I didn't give her the chance. I hit the gas and drove across as fast as I could. We made it.

After about three hours of windy mountain roads, we arrived at our cabin.

It wasn't too fancy, but neither was it too expensive. And they say it had a great view of the volcano. Our room was the one on the left. We were a bit confused as to why someone found it appropriate to park his SUV on our front porch, but we didn't complain. Oh yeah, and it had a pool, but this is as much as we used it:

Last night, we ate dinner at a local restaurant and then went to Baldi Hot Springs. It was a hotel with 16 different swimming pools - all filled with natural water from under the volcano. They were all different temperatures. The hottest was 152 degrees. I was the only one brave enough to venture into that one. The whole experience was pretty much like taking a two hour bath (except I didn't have my toys and everyone was wearing bathing suits). It was quite nice.

Today we went to the Arenal National Park. We hiked to this place where we could frolick about on new lava (from the last eruption in 1992) and look up at what we could see of the volcano and down at lake Arenal.

As we were hiking back, we saw monkeys.

On our way out of town today, Lisa looked back and noticed a giant volcano. I guess it does exist.