I'm looking for . . . uh . . . Judd . . . uh . . Houston

Dear Judd Houston,

If you happen to be a reader of this blog, I have a message for you. Arby's just called. Apparently, you filled out a job application and listed our number as your own. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it was an honest mistake and not a childish prank. I really hope you get this message. I'd hate for you to miss a possible job interview. The lady who called seemed like she was really interested in you. Well at least she seemed interested in me for that brief moment when she thought I was you. Or maybe it was just that she was confused by the whole "wrong number" idea. I really don't think she understood. (Yes lady; that is the number you called, but nobody named anything near Judd Houston lives here.) I was going to mention that she was actually talking to someone in Costa Rica, but I didn't want to boggle her already confused mind. Anyway Judd, I wish you the best. If things don't work out at Arby's, we could use some more teachers at Palabra de Vida.