Hey, who turned out the lights?

Thanks to a few power outages, we've spent much of the past three days in the dark. Wednesday night it was only for a couple hours, and it wasn't a big deal. But last night, the lights went out at about 7:00 and didn't come back on until midnight. Sometimes we forget how much we depend on electricity. There was pretty much nothing we could do but go to bed. They say that pretty much the entire San Jose area was without power. Today the power stayed on for the entire school day but then went out at about 3:20. We had just finished setting up all the sound equipment to practice with the worship band. It was quite frustrating. We had to put it all away. After coming home and realizing there was nothing to do in our dark apartment and no way to make any food, Robin and I decided to go see if we could find a place to eat. We drove around for awhile through trafficlight-less chaos before we found an area that had electricity. We ate dinner, bought some things at a store and came home. The electricity has now returned but who knows for how long.

Have you ever seen the movie Waterworld? It is set in the future when water covers the entire earth and everyone lives on boats and floating stuff. Because dirt is so rare, it is super valuable - like gold. Its kinda been like that with light the last couple days. As we were leaving tonight, we saw a bunch of our neighbors huddled around candles in the street.

The lack of light also makes dressing a bit difficult. When we got home tonight after our little excursion, Robin looked down at her feet and realized that she had been wearing one brown sandal and one yellow sandal.