Cliff's Notes from this past weekend:

-We got home on Friday at about 5:00 and didn't set foot outside again until about 6:00 on Saturday. It was awesome.

-Saturday night, we went to Pizza Hut and then to Matt and Lisa's house to watch a movie. We watched Flags of Our Fathers. It was quite good. I would recommend it.

-Sunday, we went to church. Afterwards, some friends invited us over for lunch. They actually invited us to someone else's house, but it was all good. We had chicken and stuff and hung out for awhile. We didn't get home until 4:30.

- Because of our long lunch, we were up a bit later than we would have liked finishing school plans.

- I just got home from playing basketball. Ramon, a parent who helps me with high school basketball, invited me to play with a group of guys tonight. It was fun. But at times, the games resembled soccer more than basketball.